The Art of Relaxation: A Week of Creative Freedom

Follow 4 step-by-step lessons, paint your abstraction and win a prize!
The Art of Relaxation:
A Week of Creative Freedom

This is for those, who:

  • always wanted to explore abstract art and looking to start their artistic journey;
  • crave artistic expression and the freedom to think outside the box;
  • in need of a creative boost or looking to challenge themselves artistically!

Unleash your inner artist! Join the Week of art and freedom with like-minded people and let your creativity soar!

A Week of Creative Freedom includes:

  • 3 events with our kings of the abstract world!

  • challenge on the best abstract painting!

  • competition on the best video review!

  • valuable prizes and lots of fun!
Program of the
"The Art of Relaxation: A Week of Creative Freedom"
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3 October
at 4pm CET | 7pm NY
3 October
at 4pm CET | 7pm NY
"Expressive and Creative Designs with Watercolors" with Sterling Edwards

Replay of the workshop

We will:
  • Find ideas for an abstract expressionist painting
  • Overlap shapes to create depth and dimension
  • Control values and develop drama
  • Use calligraphy for adding movement
5 October
5 October
“Another View on Abstract Art” with Suz Chiang Tan and Ilya Ibryaev
2 video lessons
  • We will provide access to 2 top video lessons for 48 hours
  • You will be able to watch any of them and submit your paintings on the Learning platform
  • You will get plenty of the author's tips and creative tricks, and make a wonderful landscapes!
6 October
at 4pm CET | 7pm NY
6 October
at 4pm CET | 7pm NY
Replay of the workshop
  • Learn how to sell your abstract paintings;
  • See the most common mistakes in abstract paintings by the example of students’ works;
  • Questions and answers (Q&A) session.
8 October
8 October
Closure of the Week
  • Remind you to submit your paintings for the evaluation
  • Summarize all the events
  • Share your feedback about this week in a video format in the lesson on the platform
  • Will will announce the winners and prizes!
Meet your instructors
The best artists from all over the world will not leave you indifferent to watercolor!
I went from realism into abstract, it was a long journey, but when I found my way to abstract art that’s when I truly realized what it was to be an artist
Sterling Edwards

Why so many are going abstract?

Emotional Expression

Abstract art provides a powerful avenue for emotional expression. By using color, form, and composition, abstract artists can convey a range of emotions and create an immersive experience for the viewer
Freedom and Interpretation

Abstract art offers freedom from the constraints of representation. It allows artists and viewers to interpret and experience the artwork in their own unique ways.

Evoking Imagination and Creativity

Abstract art stimulates imagination and encourages viewers to engage with their own creative faculties. The open-ended nature of abstract compositions prompts individuals to fill in the gaps, sparking their own creativity

Examples of our artists' works

Feedback from our participants
During this week you will:

  • Learn to find ideas for an abstract expressionist painting;
  • See the most common mistakes in abstract paintings;
  • Study how to develop your imagination, raise your artistic voice, let out your feelings;
  • Make real masterpieces under the guidance of world-renowned artists;
  • Enjoy the process of learning and exploring new art discoveries!
About Artefacto School
"We teach how to think like an artist"

We are an international online learning platform characterized by:

  • working with world-renowned artists from all over the world
  • a strong community of students (>20k students)
  • result-oriented feedback from the professional artists
  • client-oriented approach
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