"Abstract Art: All you wanted to know"
Start tomorrow at 10 am New York (USA), 4 pm Berlin (Europe)
with Sterling Edwards
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  • Free online workshop
    (acrylics, watercolor)
  • Free recording after workshop + Present
  • Language: English
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At the workshop, you will:
  • Learn how to sell your abstract paintings
  • See the most common mistakes in abstract paintings

  • Have a chance to get Sterling’s advice
This workshop is for those who:
  • 1
    Wants to create professional paintings that are ready for sale;
  • 2
    Is interested in the most common mistakes in abstract art;
  • 3
    Wants to learn the nuances of selling and exhibiting artwork;
  • 4
    Need the advice of an experienced artist!

Last 9 places are available (out of 1000)

Meet your instructor
Sterling Edwards
  • A contemporary acrylic and watercolor master, instructor, author, and art juror.
  • He has been featured in "Watercolor Magic Magazine's" “Ones to Watch”, "Watercolor Artist Magazine", and "The New Palette Magazine".
  • He has developed a unique and expressive style of painting that has gained international recognition and the respect of his peers, students, and art collectors.
  • Most of Sterling’s paintings are interpretive statements that personify his intuitive and creative sense of design and color, ranging from abstract expressionism to traditional.
  • He is a sought-after international workshop instructor and is often selected to jury national and international art competitions.
  • He is also the designer of a signature line of multimedia paintbrushes and a watercolor palette marketed internationally through his website store, painting workshops, and retail art supply stores.

Examples of Sterling's work

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