Mastering Light and Shadow: Tonal Sketch
by Anton Batov

Learn to use tonal values, light, and shadow to add depth and life to your compositions.
This lesson is for you if you want to:

  • Learn to create subjects without reference photos;
  • Understand light and shadow, as well as tonal value and warm-cool relationships;
  • Learn how to accurately place objects within your compositions, considering perspective;
  • Apply basic geometry and simple shapes in the layout and construction of landscapes;
  • Achieve balance in your compositions by complementing them with various elements.
In this lesson, Anton will share his secrets and help you understand step by step how tonal value works.

Anton has developed his own method of working with tonal value, using red and blue pencils, which will allow you to develop the necessary vision of light, shadow, volume, etc., as well as to plan your work and get a predictable and attractive result.

Together with Anton Batov, you will draw a tonal value sketch featuring a forest landscape step by step.

Why artists use tonal value techniques in watercolor
Meet your instructor
Anton Batov
  • Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.
  • Graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute in 1991 with a degree in Art and Graphics. ⠀
  • Since 1991, the artist has participated in numerous exhibitions. Until 2008, he was a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Design at the Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. ⠀
  • Since 1995, he has collaborated as an illustrator with various publishing houses, including Onyx, Olma-Press, Rosmen, Rodionov Publishing House, Vokrug Sveta, Marka Publishing House, Bely Gorod, the Moscow Kremlin Museums, the State Historical Museum, and others. ⠀
  • His works are held in private collections in Russia and abroad, as well as in the State Exhibition Hall "Nasledie" in Moscow.
Examples of Anton's works
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