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Combine the simple watercolor techniques to create beautiful cats that leap off the page.

Why cats? Because they're an artist's paradise! On their example, you can learn the numerous nuances of anatomy and composition, learn to see the beauty of line and form, learn to combine different textures from fluffy fur to sharp ears and whiskers.

In this course, Konstantin will show you his approach to capturing the emotions and beauty of cats using watercolor. It’s one thing to depict the objects accurately and completely another to portray the character and mood of your pets. Learn Konstantins's process and infuse your paintings with new life.

"I've walked this road for 30 years and am happy to share these secrets with you" - K. Sterkhov

What is the course about?

This course starts with the unique meditation practice from Konstantin. He began with meditation > 20 years ago, guided by an expert from India. Now it became an essential part of his art practice. It helps to free up the mind, get relaxed and inspired. Many of our students mentioned the extremely positive effect of it and embedded meditation into their painting process.

Konstantin will continue with an overview of the materials you need for this course. Afterward, he gives lessons on essential techniques of mixing the colors and painting different types of cats, so you have a solid foundation moving forward. These may seem like basic techniques, but when combined, they give you everything you need to create those beautiful paintings.

Next, apply all you’ve learned about composition, perspective, and color mixing to create a painting of two beautiful sleeping cats. Konstantin explains how to capture light and shadows to create a truly impressive piece.

Finally, Konstantin shares some final thoughts on finding your own style, as well as tips on how to cope with failures to continuously improve.


5 Full HD lessons


We will learn to:

  1. Paint fluffy tails and bodies
  2. Paint a shorthair sphynx cat
  3. Paint red, black, and spotted cats
  4. Use wet and dry surfaces to obtain softness/ sharpness of their fur

+ Bonus

"Empty your mind"

Relax and get ready for the painting process

"Shades of gray"

Obtain different shades of gray - the most popular cat color

Who is the course for?

Do you dream of painting gorgeous cats with realistic fur and emotive expressions?
Do you want to discover simple techniques that make your painting even more impressive?
Do you want to paint with even more joy, relaxation, and inspiration?
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Course Pricing
Konstantin Sterkhov is a world-renowned artist for painting cats, it is a great opportunity to start this journey with him!

$11.5 (€10)*

77% disc. ($51.5)

  • 1 full painting with two sleeping cats
  • 4 small sketches of different cat types
  • Flexible access to the lessons from computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Access to the students chat
  • Bonus: lifetime access to the lessons
  • Bonus lesson: how to begin the art practice (meditation)
  • Bonus lesson: how to finalize the art practice
  • Bonus lesson: different shades of gray - most popular cat color
  • Bonus: certificate upon the completion of the course

*Payment will be done in EUR, but automatically converted to USD. EUR 10 is approximately equal to USD 11.5

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Meet your instructor
Konstantin Sterkhov
@sterkhovart 46.5k followers
  • Over 30 years of painting experience and 20 years of teaching practice
  • > 80 international and soloexhibitions, jury member for international competitions
  • His paintings are placed in museums, private and corporate collections worldwide
  • Author of the book «Masters of Watercolor» and founder of the magazine «Planet of Watercolor»
  • Brand ambassador of leading art materials producers (Daniel Smith, Roubloff, etc.)
  • Member of Russian Artists Union, Watercolor Society of Finland, and Saint-Petersburg

Want to see Konstantin's works
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Kolya
Photo by Oliver
Photo by Leo
Photo by Fabrice
Photo by Paul
Photo by Lea
That is what our students do ...
What do you need for this course?
  • Watercolor set in pans or tubes. In one of the lessons we will use granulating paints, but it is not mandatory;
  • Watercolor paper CP or Rough 300 g (Saunders Waterford, Bockingford, Canson Heritage, Fabriano, Palazzo Elit Art, etc) rough 300 g;
  • A board to fix the paper on, for wet-on-wet approach the surface of the board should be waterproof, size a little bit bigger than a sheet of paper;
  • Brushes: big flat brush (#35), big mop absorbing (#10-14), pointed medium brush (#6-8), and a rigger #2;
  • Paper towel, paper tape, wax crayon, masking fluid or a masking pen, plastic or ceramic palette, graphite pencil В, 2В or 3В, eraser, a container for water.
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What do you get upon the completion of this course?
After completion of the course, you will get the certificate of completion. Do not forget that you get all the materials of the highest quality for unlimited time and can use and repeat them every time at a comfortable pace. You become a member of our happy and successful community as long as you want.
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How do the lessons work?
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Learn the top secrets of painting cats and make a masterpiece you will be proud of

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