Make two paintings together with a world-renowned artist
Learn the basics of working with watercolors

12 am EDT, New York
At the workshop, we will make two paintings
  • Day 1 of the workshop
  • Day 2 of the workshop
“Painting is a creative process that helps to relax and relieve stress after a long day”
Andy Evansen
What else we will learn during the workshop
  • How to easily determine the horizon line in a drawing?
  • How to make a drawing look three-dimensional, not flat?
  • How to paint small figures and other elements?
  • How to paint shadows easily?
Together with Andy we will draw two paintings.

And that's how the painting process will go:

Instructor of our workshop
35k followers on Instagram
  • Andy Evansen began painting watercolors in the mid-1990s
  • He became a signature member of the prestigious Plein Air Painters of America (PAPA) in 2012 and served as their President from 2015-2017.
  • Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA), Signature Member April 2018.
  • Salmagundi Club, Artist Member 2017.
  • His paintings have won numerous awards, including the Bronze and High Winds Medals from the American Watercolor Society.
  • Based in America.
  • Has been teaching watercolor art for already 15 years
“It's not what you paint that matters, it's how you paint”
Andy Evansen

Artworks of Andy Evansen

“Watercolor painting is a wonderful way to express one's feelings and emotions on paper”
Andy Evansen

Students' works from the previous marathon

Day 1
Day 2
As you can see, we painted the same scene, but all the works turned out to be different, because at the marathon Andy does not just tell how to copy his actions, but explains how to create your own painting.

Students' feedback on Andy's workshop

When painting with watercolors, both hemispheres of your brain work. No need to show all the details, your brain will finish everything by itself
Andy Evansen

Watercolor painting is an activity that is suitable for any age and skill level, so you can start at any point in life

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