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This lesson is dedicated to the most gracious creatures on earth – ballerinas. Strong and elegant, with perfectly accurate movements, they are the embodiment of art and beauty.

Learning to draw ballerinas gives you a huge amount of helpful advice that can refine all kinds of drawings and paintings! That’s why we invited a real master of portraying ballerinas, Anna Ivanova, to hold this lesson for you.

During our lesson, Anna will show you an easy way to draw a difficult position and explain the nuances of volume. She can tell you everything about featuring ballet dancers! Use her tips and create a charming drawing with the simplest materials!

What is the lesson about?

Together with Anna, you will create a portrait of a dancing ballerina. You will need the simplest materials like a pencil, an eraser, a blander, and a graphite stick to create a wonderful volume drawing. Anna will give you the easiest tips on featuring anatomy and proportions.

The tips you can learn:
  • a simple way to explore anatomy sketch
  • a tonal value and the way to use graphite pencil and blander in it
  • the way to draw body structure and light tutu with pencil and blander.

Who is this lesson for?

Do you dream of drawing elegant ballerinas in difficult positions easily?
Do you want to discover simple techniques that will add volume, light, and shadow to your drawings?
Do you want to create amazing drawings using the simplest materials?

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Anna Ivanova
@avva4 35k followers
  • A winner at prestigious international contests (Shanghai International Watercolour Biennial, 2012; The International Young Masters Invitational Exhibition, 2016; TWWCE, 2016)
  • A participant of various national and international exhibitions (Re-interpretation, China; World Watercolor Exhibition, Thailand; Castra, Slovenia; Fabriano in Acquarello, Italy; Masters of watercolor, Russia etc.)
  • An instructor of workshops in Europe and Asia

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