Techniques and methods of working on a wet surface
by Igor Khaikov
Paint a "Daisies" and learn how to use water and manage watercolor, control the humidity of paper while painting
During the lesson, we will learn to:

  • How to prepare paper for painting and how to control its moisture

  • Techniques of working with watercolor on wet paper

  • How to distinguish the main thing, respect the proportions, blur the background, and set the accents


Meet your instructor
Igor Khaikov
  • Watercolor artist from the Republic of Belarus, the city of Gomel.
  • 25 years of painting experience.
  • 14 personal exhibitions.
  • Numerous "live" workshops.
  • Participant of more than 20 national and international exhibitions.
  • His paintings decorate private and corporate collections in Europe, Russia, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and America.
  • His favorite subjects are lyrical and urban landscapes.
Examples of Igor's works
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