Techniques and methods of working on a wet surface
by Igor Khaikov
Paint a "Daisies" and learn how to use water and manage watercolor, control the humidity of paper while painting
During the lesson, we will learn to:

How to prepare paper for painting and how to control its moisture

Techniques of working with watercolor on wet paper

How to distinguish the main thing, respect the proportions, blur the background, and set the accents

Meet your instructor
Igor Khaikov
  • Watercolor artist from the Republic of Belarus, the city of Gomel.
  • 25 years of painting experience.
  • 14 personal exhibitions.
  • Numerous "live" workshops.
  • Participant of more than 20 national and international exhibitions.
  • His paintings decorate private and corporate collections in Europe, Russia, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and America.
  • His favorite subjects are lyrical and urban landscapes.
Examples of Igor's works
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