How to paint reflections realistically
Practical tips from professional artist Galina Gomzina
During the lesson, we will:

  • Learn the secret methods of painting reflections in different states of nature
  • Use techniques that will make water look alive

  • Get Galina's practical tips and train to paint water realistically on small sketches

Meet your instructor
Galina Gomzina
  • Galina has been painting with watercolor since 1995.
  • She is a member of the Artists Trade Union of Russia and of the The Russian Society of Marine Artists.
  • She has held dozens of solo exhibitions in Russia and abroad.
  • She travels much, organizes plein airs in Russia and abroad, conducts watercolor workshops, and participates in international exhibitions.
  • She specializes in landscape, seascape, cityscape, and flower painting.

Examples of Galina's works

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