Tonal values step-by-step
by Jean Francois Arnaud
Paint a "Sunny day in the harbor" and master the composition, contrast and values
During the lesson, we will learn to:

Make an effective composition and drawing for the future painting

See and identify tonal values

and create a watercolor seascape step-by-step

Simplify your reference and work with a limeted palette

Meet your instructor
Jean Francois Arnaud
  • A member of the IWS France.
  • Jean’s works were presented in prestigious art magazines, such as “The Art of Watercolor”, “International Watercolor Magazine”, and Spanish magazine “Acuarelas”.
  • Jean regularly takes part in international watercolor exhibitions. Some of the biggest are: the 3rd International Watercolor Society exhibition (Bali), International Self Portrait Biennial of Albania (Tirana), 2nd International Watercolor & Spirits Triennial (Bulgaria).
  • Jean’s workshops are visited by hundreds of artists – the tickets for them are bought many months before the events.
  • Jean believes that achieving success in watercolor painting is not so difficult – you only need to know theory and understand how materials work. That is what he teaches his students at his lessons and workshops.
Examples of Jean's works
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