Light in Watercolor
Learn the nuances of light, shadow and 3D effects with the world renowned artists!
Start tomorrow at 11 am (New York, USA), 5 pm (Central Europe)
3 days with 3 masters to create 3 paintings!
with Amit Kapoor, Chan Dissanayake, Jean F.Arnaud
A series of 3 free online workshops (watercolor)
Can't be there? We send the recording after the workshop
Language: English

  • Want to learn the nuances of painting with watercolors
  • Eager to deepen your knowledge in composition, color mixing, contrasts, values
  • Interested to study with world-renowned artists from all over the world
  • Want to enjoy the moment and give it a try?
Program of the «Light in Watercolor»
  • Get a welcome email from Artefacto and access to our online e-learning platform
  • Take part in 3 events (recordings for those who cannot join on time will be provided)
at 11:00 am, New York time (USA)*
at 11:00 am, New York time (USA)*
Amit Kapoor
«Light and shadow»
1.5h online workshop
  • Paint still realistic boats with water highlights
  • Paint reflections in a simple way
  • Play with shadows and lights
  • Paint various types of buildings, cars, and pedestrians in the background
In 4 days
In 4 days
Chan Dissanayake
«Mastering the Understanding of Light with Watercolor»

1.5h recording

  • Talk about the properties of light in the painting
  • Do an exercise on light and reflection
  • Learn why light is necessary for a successful painting
In 7 days
In 7 days
Jean Francois Arnaud
«Tonal values step-by-step»
0.5h recording
  • Make an effective composition and drawing for the future painting
  • See and identify tonal values and create a watercolor seascape step-by-step
  • Simplify your reference and work with a limited palette

* 5 pm (CET), 4 pm (UK Time), 3 pm (GMT), 9:30 pm (Indian Time)
  • Create your own collection of 3 paintings with the world-renowned artists

  • Get acquainted with the key watercolor techniques

  • Feel pleasure from the process and be proud of yourself for the results

  • Meet and interact with like-minded people from all over the world

  • Feel the fullness of life at the moment of creating your best painting
Your results during the watercolor week:
Meet your instructors
The best artists from all over the world will not leave you indifferent to watercolor!

  • Amit Kapoor

    Watercolor artist with vast pedagogy experience, participant and winner of prestigious international exhibitions and festivals, brand Ambassador of Mejillo Mision and Escoda brushes, editor of International Watercolor Society Magazine.

  • Chan Dissanayake

    Chan Dissanayake is a multi-award-winning watercolor artist. He is a highly regarded tutor and a well-respected judge of art award.

    His quick and direct approach to watercolor has earned him much success and respect both nationally and internationally.


  • Jean Francois Arnaud

    Jean’s works were presented in prestigious art magazines, such as “The Art of Watercolor”, “International Watercolor Magazine”, and Spanish magazine “Acuarelas”. Jean regularly takes part in international watercolor exhibitions.

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