Image and Impression in Watercolor
May, 3rd
Learn to use multiple creative techniques to create interesting and beautiful artworks with lotus flowers with Jayson Yeoh
At the workshop, you will learn to
Use experimental techniques in watercolor
Create stunning textures
Apply glue and tissues in watercolor
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Meet your instructor
Jayson Yeoh
  • А self-taught watercolor artist born in Malaysia.

  • His artworks have been selected for exhibitions in both local and international shows. Some of his artworks also won several awards of International watercolor competitions.

  • Many of his works were also published in Watercolor Artist Magazine, English/French version.

  • Mr Jayson is regularly invited to the panel of judges for various international watercolor competitions. He is also invited as the curator of ‘Today Silk Road Special Exhibition of International Art Works’ and instructor of offline and online workshops.

  • He is currently a member of The Malaysia Watercolour Society, Singapore Watercolour Society and the Penang Watercolour Society, and has recently been awarded the Signature status of National Watercolour Society, USA and American Watercolor Society, USA.

Examples of Jayson's works

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