From Foundations to Details
16-17 MAY

Those who register for the marathon will get a bonus gift - a checklist «5 key principles of drawing»

Close your gaps in pencil drawing and work out the acquired knowledge in practice by making 2 drawings in just 2 days

This marathon is for you if you:

  • Want to begin drawing but don’t know where to start and how to choose materials
  • Don’t know how to make your drawing realistic
  • See that your drawings don’t resemble reference photos
  • Think that you are not talented enough to draw like a master
  • Understand that your drawings look flat, unproportional and lack harmony
  • Want to improve your painting skills
Program of our free marathon
How our marathon is organized:

After registration, you will get an email with a link to the marathon chat.

Then you will take part in 2 live events (recordings for those who can’t join on time will be available within 48 hours).
16 May
16 May

1. Composition and proportions in a drawing.

Make a drawing “Apples in the garden”

  • Compose your subjects on paper to make them look harmoniously
  • Create right proportions in a drawing
  • Make a 3D-effect
17 May
17 May
2. Halftones and texture.
Correcting the main drawing mistakes.

Make a drawing “Blooming rose”
  • Make your drawing volumetric
  • Work on details and add realism to the drawing
  • Convey textures of subjects
  • Learn how to understand when your drawing is finished
  • Go over the main mistakes in creating a drawing and ways to correct them
What you will achieve at the marathon:
  • Learn what materials to use to get the needed effect in a drawing
  • Learn to use the basic principles of making a realistic and harmonious drawing
  • Understand what mistakes you have made in your drawings, learn how to correct them and prevent them in the future
  • Create 2 drawings that will become a part of your portfolio, decorate your home, or will be wonderful presents for your loved ones
  • Learn the secrets and life hacks of a world-renowned master and become more professional in drawing
  • Get more creative freedom
Meet your instructor
Konstantin Sterkhov
Are you just about to start with drawing?
Or you get unpredictable result in drawing?

I've been drawing for more than 30 years and have 20 years of teaching practice on different continents. Based on this experience, I developed my own training approach.
It simplifies the complex "drawing" process into a step-by-step practice-based method!

Want to know more? I invite you to take part in my online marathon.

See the examples of Konstantin's artwork

Why drawing is what you need?

Drawing is a foundation of every creative work

Having learned how to draw with a pencil, you can further develop in the direction you are interested in: painting, design, digital art, etc.

Everyone can
make it!

A systematic step-by-step approach makes a drawing process clear and simple

Have lots of fun from the drawing process

If you have all the basic knowledge you need to create a drawing, the creative process will bring you pleasure, because you will get the expected results and won’t worry that something will go wrong

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Artworks of Konstantin Sterkhov

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