Create a "Stunning landscape" in 20 minutes!
Step-by-step approach by JAVID TABATABAEI for all levels!
TOMORROW 10 am New York (USA), 4 pm Berlin (Europe)
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At the workshop, you will learn:
Secret 1.
How to paint sky

Secret 2.
How to pick colors for the sunset
Secret 3.
How to elevate mood and emotions in a painting
This workshop is for those who:
  • 1
    Would like to get started with watercolor and create something wonderful right away!
  • 2
    Want to learn how to create extraordinary light & shadow effects in a simple way
  • 3
    Interested in how to mix and apply vibrant colors

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Meet your instructor
Javid Tabatabaei
92,7k followers on Instagram
  • Javid Tabatabaei is an artist with more than 20 years of experience
  • He has participated in group and solo exhibitions all around the globe. His exhibitions have been held in a number of leading galleries and contemporary art foundations in China, Turkey, Italy, Pakistan, Japan, Serbia, Canada etc.
  • Javid Tabatabaei hosts both in-person and online workshops
  • He has been on the jury for the international watercolor society of Turkey for 2 consecutive years
  • Javid Tabatabaei is a Brand Ambassador of Rockwell Art Supplies Inc. He has received a great number of awards worldwide
  • Based in Vancouver

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