Watercolor Foundations
14 June at 4:00 pm Central Europe
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Learn the foundations of watercolor and create your own painting with Konstantin Sterkhov, even for those with no experience in watercolor

This marathon is for you if you:

  • Have the fear of a «blank page»
  • Want to paint but don't know where to start
  • Can't achieve the desired results in painting
  • Don't know what materials to use at the beginning
  • Would like to learn the fundamental principles of watercolor painting
Program of our free marathon
After registration, you will get an introductory video. Then you’ll take part in 3 events (recordings for those who can’t join on time will be provided). We will go together from discussing the necessary materials to creating a full painting of your own

14 June
4:00 pm CET*
14 June
4:00 pm CET*
1. Essential Watercolor Supplies
  • What are the necessary supplies for watercolor painting
  • Supplementary and unusual painting supplies
  • How to apply those
15 June
4:00 pm CET*
15 June
4:00 pm CET*

2. Key Watercolor Techniques

  • We will start with the basic techniques
  • Practice how to work with different watercolor supplies
16 June
4:00 pm CET*
16 June
4:00 pm CET*
3. Painting the «Sea Sunset»

  • Together with Konstantin, we will create a magnificent watercolor painting
  • Question-and-answer session
  • Bonuses and presents for the participants!

* 4:00 pm Central European Time, 2:00 pm (GMT), 3:00 pm (UK), 5:00 pm (MSK), 7:30 pm (India)
What you will achieve at the marathon:
  • Gain knowledge about basic materials
  • Get acquainted with the key watercolor techniques
  • Paint your own seascape
  • Meet and interact with like-minded people from all over the world
  • Take part in the contest where we will reward the most active participant
+ finally find a truly wonderful hobby!
Meet your instructor
Konstantin Sterkhov
Are you just about to start with watercolors? Do you lack a solid basis in watercolor?

I paint already more than 30 years and have 20 years of teaching practice on different continents. Based on this experience, I developed my own training approach. It simplifies the complex "painting" process into a step-by-step practice-based method!

Want to know more? I invite you to take part in my online marathon.

See the examples in Konstantin's artwork
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Earn bonuses
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Earn bonuses
After each video lesson you will find a small task. Accomplishing it will allow you to earn a bonus - "Articoins"

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