From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Abstraction and Notan
Tomorrow at 11 AM EDT, New York (5 PM CET, Berlin)

With Prasad Beaven
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This workshop is for those who:
Wants to explore the medium in a completely new way

Wants to learn how the direct experience of a scene naturally permeates into the work

Wants to express inner experience in a way that is comprehensible for the viewer
During this workshop, you'll:
  • Gain valuable insights into the artist's techniques, inspirations, and creative process.
  • Witness the transformation of a blank canvas into a work of art, step by step.
  • Learn about composition, color choices, and the artist's approach to capturing the essence of the subject.
  • Have the opportunity to interact with the artist, asking questions and gaining personalized insights during the live Q&A session.

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Notan: The Power of Light and Dark

Notan is the art of balancing light and dark, creating a captivating interplay between positive and negative spaces. It simplifies complex compositions, enhances visual impact, and guides the viewer's eye. By mastering the principles of notan, artists can create harmonious and compelling artworks that leave a lasting impression.

Discover the importance of notan and unlock a new level of artistic expression.

Meet your instructor

Prasad Beaven


Prasad is a practicing artist mainly interested in the medium of watercolor and ink.

His childhood spent in the foothills of the Himalayas has made a big impression on his character and interests.

Greatly inspired by Nature, he seeks to discover and express its many moods.

A recent graduate of the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, Prasad was exposed to a range of art forms and cultures including Indian Miniature, Persian painting, Geometry, Icon painting, and Chinese Landscape painting.

This rich and diverse experience has helped instill within him a deep appreciation for traditional as well as contemporary art.

Through this course Prasad had the opportunity to meet King Charles, and they discussed their shared interest in watercolor.

Prasad also won the Ciclitira Prize, through which his works will be hung in the prestigious Saatchi Gallery.
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