Summer Watercolor Fest
with A. Evansen, E. Sava, K. Sterkhov and P. Beaven
Spend a fantastic week with the best watercolor masters from all over the world!
A series of free online lessons and sessions (watercolor)
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Language: English

This is for those, who:

  • Would like to learn the top hints from the world-renowned artists
  • Apply the "learnings" and create your own paintings under the guidance of professional masters
  • Escape from the day-to-day routine, have fun, and enjoy the supportive and inspiring atmosphere!
Program of the "Summer Watercolor Fest"
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26 July
26 July
"Summer holidays" with Konstantin Sterkhov

1h video lesson

We will learn:
  • to simplify complex shapes (like rocks)
  • to find all shades of Mediterranean sea
  • to make sharp accents
  • to save the highlights without masking
27 July
at 4:00 pm CET*
27 July
at 4:00 pm CET*
Online workshop with Prasad Beaven
2h online workshop
  • Join the open lesson with the students from Artefacto Family
  • You will have a chance to make your painting and see how the lessons are organized
  • The topic of the session: Drawing (perspective and proportions), tone, and composition
28 July
at 4:00 pm CET*
28 July
at 4:00 pm CET*
Online session with Andy Evansen
1h online session
  • Why is a solid value study crucial to making a decent painting?
  • How to avoid "overworking" the painting?
  • Questions and answers (Q&A) session
29 July
at 10:00 am CET**
29 July
at 10:00 am CET**
Online session with Ekaterina Sava
1h online session
At this live session, we will learn:
  • How to select and mix colors for painting amazing vivid flowers
  • Why dirt is an essential element of a successful flower composition
  • How to create dirt correctly
Ekaterina will answer all your questions and show you her works where she uses dirt and gets a fantastic results with its help!
30 July
30 July
Workshop Recordings at your choice
  • We will provide access to 5 top workshop recordings for 48 hours
  • You will be able to watch any of them and submit your paintings on the Facebook Group!
  • Those paintings, which get the most likes, will be considered the winners!
31 July
31 July
Closure of the Summer Fest
  • Remind you to submit your paintings for the evaluation
  • Summarize all the links to the recordings of the events!
1 August
1 August
Will will announce the winners and prizes!

* 2:00 pm (GMT), 3:00 pm (UK Time), 10:00 am (New York Time), 7:30 pm (India), 5:00 pm (MSK)

**8:00 am (GMT), 9:00 am (UK Time), 4:00 am (New York Time), 1:30 pm (India), 11:00 am (MSK)
Meet your instructors
The best artists from all over the world will not leave you indifferent to watercolor!
  • Andy Evansen

    Winner of the international competition of watercolors. His work was on the cover of American Artist magazine. Instructor of international seminars.


  • Konstantin Sterkhov
    Over 30 years of painting experience and 20 years of teaching practice. Participant in more than 80 international and Russian exhibitions. Member of the jury of international competitions. Author of the book «Masters of Watercolor» and the founder of the magazine «Planet of Watercolor»
  • Prasad Beaven
    Prasad is a practicing artist mainly interested in the medium of watercolor and ink, His childhood spent in the foothills of the Himalayas has made a big impression on his character and interests, A recent graduate of the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts.

  • Ekaterina Sava
    Artist and architect, founder of the International Society of Watercolors, participant of major international exhibitions and festivals, founder of the School of Watercolors, the Lady of Flowers.

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