«Simplification of Forms»
Language: ENGLISH
tomorrow at 18:00 GMT +2
About the skills from the master class
Learn to simplify the forms, how Andy uses value studies to simplify, Learn to not overwork a painting and avoid extra detalisation, Review some of the students’ paintings, Do a minimalistic sketch together.

About Andy Evansen


When people begin to paint, they tend to look for overly ‘pretty’ subjects. This can lead to frustration, as often our paintings don’t live up to the subject! I want students to realize that there is a whole world of possible painting subjects, and to give them some advice on how to handle scenes that may not be considered ‘beautiful’ and elevate them to a pleasing watercolor.

According to Andy Evansen, extra detalisation is one of the most common mistakes students make. Let’s learn how to simplify complicated subjects!

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