Watercolor Camp
July 12 at 4:00 pm Central Europe

Register and gain more confidence in watercolor
Create 3 wonderful paintings and learn a unique author's approach to analyze your artwork and leverage the areas for improvement

Watercolor camp is for you if:
✔ You feel that your paintings lack something
✔ You feel stuck on the same level
✔ You strive to develop your artistic voice

✔ You see some areas for improvement but have no idea how to fix it

✔ The result is far from the original intentions
✔ You are not sure when the painting is complete
Program of the Watercolor Camp
Right after the registration, you will receive a welcome video. Then you’ll be able to take part in 3 live online events. We will start with painting, analyzing our works, and learning how to improve them.

Konstantin will also tell us about the mistakes that may be turned into your unique features.
July 12
4:00 pm CET*
July 12
4:00 pm CET*
Day 1. Analyze your paintings
and identify areas for improvement
  • Make a “Portrait of a cat: royal and independent” with Konstantin Sterkhov
  • Use a checklist to analyze your artwork for the areas for improvement
July 13
4:00 pm CET*
July 13
4:00 pm CET*

Day 2. Learn to correct your artwork and paint more confidently

  • Learn to find the areas for improvement in your and other artists’ works
  • Make a painting “Wave breakers: foam and splashes” with Konstantin Sterkhov
  • Learn to make the corrections right away
July 14
4:00 pm CET*
July 14
4:00 pm CET*
Day 3. Turn the mistakes into creative, impressive features
  • Portray “Dandelion fuzz: play with textures!” with Konstantin Sterkhov
  • Use a secret life hack: not everything should be corrected! Learn to see the "happy accidents"
  • Q&A session
  • Bonuses and presents for the participants

* 4:00 pm Central European Time, 2:00 pm (GMT), 3:00 pm (UK), 5:00 pm (MSK), 7:30 pm (India)
What you will achieve
in Watercolor Camp:

  • Learn to analyze your artwork

  • Get to know how to correct mistakes right away

  • Learn valuable hints on how to turn mistakes into opportunities

  • Make 3 magnificent paintings

  • Understand useful methods how to take your paintings to a new level

  • Have fun with like-minded people from all over the world

  • Take part in a contest where we will raffle off super prizes
Meet your instructor
Konstantin Sterkhov
Do you already have some experience in watercolor painting and want to continue developing your skills?

I’ve been painting for more than 30 years and have 20 years of teaching practice on different continents. I have developed a unique technique that will help you take your artwork to a new level and paint with watercolors more confidently!

Want to learn more? I invite you to take part
in the Watercolor Camp!

See the examples in Konstantin's artwork
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Earn bonuses
After each lesson, you will find a small task. Accomplishing it will allow you to earn a bonus - "Articoins"
Earn bonuses
After each video lesson you will find a small task. Accomplishing it will allow you to earn a bonus - "ArtiСoins"

Feedback from our students

Artworks of Konstantin Sterkhov

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What is a Watercolor Camp?

These are 3 live online lessons with a watercolor master. The recordings of the lessons will be provided.

How and where is the Watercolor Camp organized?

All lessons will be held as scheduled on July 12, 13, and 14 on our platform at 04:00 pm CET. You will get the recordings after the live online lessons.

Links and reminders will be sent to your email.

After registration, you will receive an email with a link to access the Watercolor Camp where you will find all the necessary materials, links to reference photos, and access links to online sessions with the artist. Be sure to check the spam folders if you don't find the email in your mailbox.

Do I need to register on the site?

Yes, absolutely. You need to register, only after the registration you will be able to access the video lessons and the marathon, otherwise, the system will not recognize you.

What should I do if I did not receive an email?

Please check the spam or junk folders in your mailbox. If you could not find it there, please, contact us at info@artefactoschool.online
What do I need to participate in the Watercolor Camp?
1. Watercolor paper, ~A3 - 3 sheets (preferably 300g, cold pressed or rough)
2. Hard board to fix the paper (a little bit bigger than a sheet of paper)
3. Tape to fix the paper on a board)
4. Watercolor paints ( 18-20 colors enough)
5. Brushes (a large pointed well absorbent mop brush, a medium size pointed round springy brush, a liner, a medium size flat brush)
6. Container for water
7. Wax crayon or a candle
8. Napkins or a paper towel
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