Watercolor Camp 3.0
26 - 31 MARCH
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“How to analyze your painting”
Live an exciting week in “Artefacto Family” and experience the life of a true artist! 1 video lesson, 2 live sessions, 2 paintings! Last launch of our special program.
Watercolor Camp is for you if:
You value your time and want fast results
You lack regular practice
You strive to raise your artistic voice

You see areas for improvement but can't fix those

Your result are far from the original intentions
You tend to overdo the painting

Program of the Watercolor Camp 3.0
Right after the registration, you will receive access to the video lesson "Become a critic to yourself" and a bonus – a checklist “How to analyze your painting”. Then you’ll be able to take part in 2 online events. We will start with painting, analyzing our works, and learning how to improve them.

During the event, you will learn how to reveal "weak" points in your paintings, achieve an illusion of realism, and develop your imagination
March 26
March 26
Recorded lesson: Learn to see mistakes and improve your artwork
  • Watch the lesson "Become a critic to yourself"
  • Understand how to analyze your work, find mistakes, and correct them
  • Make a lovely painting with Konstantin Sterkhov
March 29
4:00 pm CET*
March 29
4:00 pm CET*

Live Session: See how to achieve volume and get rid of unnecessary details

  • Learn to make the illusion of a defined painting without many details
  • Make a painting "Bike on the embankment” with Konstantin Sterkhov
  • Train to convey bright light and work with tonal values
March 31
4:00 pm CET*
March 31
4:00 pm CET*
Live Session: Boost your creativity
  • Learn to improve background, foreground, and focal point elements
  • Do several exercises on adding interest and intrigue to a composition with Nicholas Tobias
  • Get useful advice on how to emphasize the narrative of the painting

* 4:00 pm Central European Time, 3:00 pm (GMT), 3:00 am (UK), 5:00 pm (MSK), 8:30 pm (India)
One week in Watercolor Camp - exciting experiences and learning from the best:
  • Get to know how to analyze your paintings, correct mistakes and boost imagination using the valuable techniques from Konstantin and Nicholas
  • Make 2 magnificent paintings
  • Have fun with like-minded people from all over the world
  • Take part in a contest where we will raffle off super prizes
  • Have a chance to join "Artefacto Family" membership program one last time
Meet your instructor for the live session 1:
Konstantin Sterkhov
Do you already have some experience in watercolor painting and want to continue developing your skills?

I’ve been painting for more than 30 years and have 20 years of teaching practice on different continents. I have developed a unique technique that will help you take your artwork to a new level and paint with watercolors more confidently!

Want to learn more? I invite you to take part
in the Watercolor Camp!

See the examples of Konstantin's artwork
Meet your instructor for the live session 2:
Nicholas Tobias
  • Nick is a watercolor artist from England and a curator in Artefacto, who regularly holds Zoom sessions for "Artefacto Family" members
  • Nick is inspired through travel taking memories, in the form of photos, sketches and plein air paintings, back to the studio to recreate the feel of light.
  • This aspect of watercolour is what excites him as atmosphere and emotion can be fully expressed through the play of light.
  • Nick has exhibited at various events in the UK including at the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in Central London.
  • Recently Nick achieved the top 200 Merit award in the 2021 International Watercolours Masters competition.

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After each lesson, you will find a small task. Accomplishing it will allow you to earn bonuses - "Articoins"
Earn bonuses
After each lesson, you will find a small task. Accomplishing it will allow you to earn bonuses - "Articoins". You can exchange those later in ArtiStore for the free learning content (lessons, recordings, etc.)

Feedback from our students

Artworks of Konstantin Sterkhov

Artworks of Nicholas Tobias

After registration you will get a checklist "How to improve your paintings"

This checklist will help you to:

  • find out 8 questions you should ask yourself to understand how to improve your paintings
  • understand how to find mistakes and fix them
  • learn how to deliver emotional impact in your works

About Artefacto School
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We are an international online art school characterized by:

  • working with world-renowned artists from all over the world
  • a strong community of students (>20k students)
  • result-oriented feedback from the professional artists
  • client-oriented approach

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