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About art marathon

Do you want to paint independently and avoid copying others' artworks? Or lack a solid basis in watercolor? Or just about to start painting?

So we invite you to take part in our free 3-day online art marathon with Konstantin Sterkhov - а world-renowned artist, jury member of international exhibitions, author of multiple books and courses.

In more than 30 years of teaching practice, Konstantin has developed his own approach. It is based on cutting complexity into simple elements and allows your art dreams to come true. Want to know more?
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Meet your instructor
Konstantin Sterkhov
@sterkhovart 47k followers
  • Over 30 years of painting experience and 20 years of teaching practice.
  • Participated in 70 international and 10 solo exhibitions, member of the jury for various international competitions.
  • My paintings are placed in museums, private and corporate collections worldwide.
  • I am an author of the book «Masters of Watercolor» and the founder of the magazine «Planet of Watercolor».
  • I am a brand ambassador of the leading producers of art materials (Daniel Smith, Saunders Waterford, Roubloff, Nevskaya Palette).
  • Furthermore, I am a member of the Artists Union of Russia, the Saint-Petersburg Watercolor Society, and the Watercolor Society of Finland.
See some examples of Konstantin’s works
Who is this for?
  • Who has just started or is about to start with watercolors
  • Who has some painting skills already and wants to have a solid basis
  • Who has some knowledge gaps and wants to learn from professional artist
  • Who wants to gain full independence and develop their own style

3 day Marathon program
This 3-day Art Marathon is a recorded video lessons with Konstantin Sterkhov. You will see the magic of watercolor, get a sense of the systematic learning approach and have a chance to put it into practice.
Day 1
About the Magic of Watercolor:
Recorded video lesson

During the video lesson, you'll:
  • Get acquainted with watercolor painting and the reasons for its popularity
  • Get to know Konstantin Sterkhov better and learn about his creative path

The lesson is already available on the platform, you just need to register (below) and watch them for free

Day 2

5 core elements of a painting:

Recorded video lesson

Here we will learn about:
  • Composition
  • Tonal values
  • Textures
  • Perspective
  • Accents

The lessons are already available on the platform, you just need to register (below) and watch them for free
Day 3

Put the knowledge into practice:

2h Recorded workshop

During the workshop, we'll:

  • Prove that painting is for everyone if you use a right approach
  • Create a painting using 5 important elements learned on Day 2

The recording is already available on the platform, you just need to register (below) and watch it for free

What will you learn?

  • Watercolor is magic!
    Various aspects of watercolor that make it most popular among artists
  • Everyone can make it!

    A system of elements that makes a painting process clear and simple

  • Relax and have fun!
    An author's approach allows you to empty your mind and enjoy the creation process
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€15 for EACH of you

During In the video lessons, you will be given small assignments. Do your best, and you will receive bonuses for completing each task! In total, you can earn up to €15 that you can use to get the discount for the course

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Works of Konstantin Sterkhov

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