Watercolor from Foundations to Details
Learn the core principles and techniques of watercolor painting and create 2 fascinating landscapes with a world-renowned artist, Andy Evansen
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«Masters of Watercolor»
Are you as passionate about painting as we are? Check out what our students say, "Painting for me is..."
  • "The freedom to see what l can achieve, however difficult and enjoy the journey."
    Bridget Georgina Murray,
    Hampshire, UK
  • "My heavenly time when I forget all the hassle of daily life."
    Washington DC, USA
  • "Self improvement, a challenge, fun, enjoyable, an anti dementia activity."
    Stuart Hobson
    Hobart, Tasmania

  • "An escape from the feeling of being needed by everyone. I can just get lost in the process!"
    Tammy Haman
    Elk Grove Village, USA

This marathon is for you if you:

  • Aspire to paint but unsure where to begin
  • Doubt your inherent artistic talent
  • Fear of the blank canvas
  • Are plateauing in your art skills
  • Need a foundation in watercolor basics
Program of our free marathon
Once you register, you'll gain access to an introductory lesson. Following this, you'll participate in 3 dynamic sessions, with recordings available for those unable to attend live. Together, we'll journey from discussing essential materials to crafting full-fledged paintings independently.
Day 1
11am/5pm EDT, NY
Day 1
11am/5pm EDT, NY

1. Learn a loose approach to watercolor

  • Learn the basic set of watercolor supplies, make loose shapes, and achieve a realistic impression without much detailing
  • Make watercolor painting easy and clear
  • Enjoy the process, fall in love with it, and make amazing works even if you are at the very beginning of your creative journey!
Day 2
11am/5pm EDT, NY
Day 2
11am/5pm EDT, NY
2. Simplify forms and avoid overdoing
  • Understand how Andy employs value studies
  • Learn to not overwork a painting and avoid extra detalisation
  • Review some of the students’ paintings
  • Do a minimalistic sketch together
Day 3
11am/5pm EDT, NY
Day 3
11am/5pm EDT, NY
3. Top-10 challenges in watercolor
  • Delve into common watercolor painting errors.
  • Evaluate students' artworks and pinpoint their mistakes.
  • Conduct an interactive Q&A session.
What you will achieve at the marathon:
  1. Master essential watercolor techniques and supplies
  2. Enjoy the creative process and produce 2 impressive artworks
  3. Apply value studies for simplicity in painting
  4. Learn restraint to avoid overworking a piece.
  5. Engage in peer reviews and Q&A sessions.
  6. Connect and engage with fellow enthusiasts globally
+ Ultimately, delve into an incredibly delightful hobby!
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Meet your instructor
Andy Evansen
33.9k followers on Instagram
  • Based in the USA, Wisconsin.
  • Andy Evansen began painting watercolors in the mid-1990s as a change of pace from his career as a medical illustrator.
  • He became a signature member of the prestigious Plein Air Painters of America (PAPA) in 2012 and served as their President.
  • Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA), Signature Member, April 2018.
  • Salmagundi Club, Artist Member, 2017.
  • His paintings have won numerous awards, including the Bronze and High Winds Medals from the American Watercolor Society.
What will you learn?
Watercolor is magic!

Watch as the flowing paints seamlessly merge to form a stunning artwork!
Everyone can
make it!

A systematic step-by-step approach makes a painting process clear and simple
Relax and have

Artist's unique method allows you to clear your mind and revel in the process of creating
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