Watercolor landscapes, cityscapes and portraits
with Andy Evansen, Amit Kapoor, Anna Ivanova

3 pm UK, 4 pm Berlin (Europe)
Learn watercolor with true masters!
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  • You want to experience different styles
  • You would like to meet true masters of watercolor

  • You want to develop your own style
  • You are interested in landscapes, cityscapes, or portraits
Program of our watercolor week
Tomorrow at at 18:30 pm CET*
Tomorrow at at 18:30 pm CET*
Andy Evansen "Simplification of forms"
1.5h online workshop
  • Learn to simplify the forms, how Andy uses value studies to simplify
  • Learn to not overwork a painting and avoid extra detalisation
  • Review some of the students’ paintings
  • Do a minimalistic sketch together
In 3 days from now
at 18:30 pm CET*
In 3 days from now
at 18:30 pm CET*

Amit Kapoor "Light & Shadow"

2h online workshop
  • We will learn techniques of depicting light and shadow
  • We will learn to simplify the reflections and boats
  • We will learn to enjoy, relax and discover new talents
In 5 days from now
at 18:30 pm CET*
In 5 days from now
at 18:30 pm CET*
Anna Ivanova "Child profile"

1.5h online workshop

  • Get the main anatomic tips on creating a child profile portrait
  • Acquire the easiest skills in academic drawing
  • Learn how to use a la prima watercolor technique in a child profile portrait
* 12:30 pm New York Time (EST), 4:30 pm (GMT), 5:30 pm(UK)
Meet your instructors
The best artists from all over the world who will not leave you indifferent to watercolor!
  • Andy Evansen

    Winner of the international competition of watercolors. His work was on the cover of American Artist magazine. Instructor of international seminars.


  • Amit Kapoor
    A world-renowned author, vice-president of the world community of watercolorists, and winner of prestigious exhibitions. Master of light and shadow. The official representative of the Mejillo Mission and Escada brands.
  • Anna Ivanova
    Winner of prestigious international competitions and participant in national and international exhibitions. Instructor of master classes in Europe and Asia.
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