Abstract watercolor and Design: landscapes and flowers
with S. Edwards, P. Beaven, I. Ibryaev
Start tomorrow at 11 am (New York Time), 5 pm CET (Europe)
A series of 3 free online workshops (watercolor)
Can't be there? We send the recording after the workshop (24h free watch)
Language: English

  • Want to мaster top 3 watercolor secrets in 3 days
  • Would like to enjoy the process of paintings in the company of the world-renowned artists
  • Interested in painting landscapes and flowers in a semi-abstract style
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Program of the «Watercolor week»
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  • Take part in 3 events (recordings for those who cannot join on time will be provided)
at 11 am (New York Time)*
at 11 am (New York Time)*

Sterling Edwards

«Expressive and Creative Designs with Watercolors»

1.5h online workshop

  • Find ideas for an abstract expressionist painting
  • Overlap shapes to create depth and dimension
  • Control values and develop drama
  • Use calligraphy for adding movement
In 4 days
at 11 am (New York Time)*
In 4 days
at 11 am (New York Time)*
Prasad Beaven
«Simplifying Elements»
1.5h online workshop
  • learn the basic pictorial qualities needed to make a successful painting;
  • explore interesting watercolor techniques;
  • get acquainted with the unique approach and technique of Prasad
In 7 days
access to the recording
In 7 days
access to the recording
Ilya Ibryaev
«Autumn Vibes»
video lesson
  • We will learn to work in the technique of "Alla prima"
  • We will learn how to write a work without a pencil drawing
  • Let's get acquainted with the author's techniques and techniques

* 5 pm (CET), 4 pm (UK Time), 3 pm (GMT), 9:30 pm (Indian Time)
  • Create your own collection of 3 paintings with the world-renowned artists
  • Get acquainted with the key watercolor techniques
  • Feel pleasure from the process and be proud of yourself by results
  • Meet and interact with like-minded people from all over the world
  • Feel the fullness of life at the moment of creating your best painting
Your results during the watercolor week:
Meet your instructors
The best artists from all over the world will not leave you indifferent to watercolor!
  • Sterling Edwards
    Sterling Edwards is a contemporary watercolor master, instructor, author, and art juror. He is the designer of a signature line of multimedia paintbrushes and a watercolor palette
  • Prasad Beaven
    Practicing artist mainly interested in the medium of watercolor and ink. Greatly inspired by Nature, he seeks to discover and express its many moods
  • Ilya Ibryaev
    An amazing Russian artist with academic education, a world-renowned watercolorist.  A member of the International Watercolor Society and the Artists Union of Russia
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