From Idea to Masterpiece
Start tomorrow at 11 am (New York, USA), 5 pm (Central Europe)
In 3 days, you will learn:
  • how to plan a successful composition,
  • improve your skills with advanced techniques,
  • create two stunning paintings under the guidance of world-renowned artists
A series of 3 free online workshops (watercolor)
Can't be there? We send the recording after the workshop
Language: English

  • Want to learn the nuances of painting flowers in various styles
  • Eager to deepen your knowledge in composition, color mixing, contrasts, values
  • Interested to study with the world-renowned artists from all over the world
  • Want to enjoy the moment and give it a try!
Program of the «Watercolor Week»
  • Get a welcome email from Arterfacto and access to our online e-learning platform
  • Take part in 3 events (recordings for those who cannot join on time will be provided)
at 11:00 am, New York time (USA)*
at 11:00 am, New York time (USA)*
3 Keys to Painting Success
2.5h online workshop
Learn to plan your painting and master the nuances of setting purpose, building a composition, and choosing a creative approach with Jessica L Bryant
  • Set a goal for your artwork;
  • Plan a successful composition;
  • Choose a suitable approach for a specific painting.
In 4 days
at 11:00 am, New York time (USA)*
In 4 days
at 11:00 am, New York time (USA)*
From Structure to Masterpiece

2h online workshop

See how to enrich your watercolors by working with structure and make a stunning cityscape with Janine Gallizia
  • See how to immediately improve your paintings by focusing on structure;
  • Learn to simplify your subject and create a strong atmosphere;
  • Understand how to connect your background, midground, and foreground to enhance the focal point.
In 7 days
at 11:00 am, New York time (USA)*
In 7 days
at 11:00 am, New York time (USA)*
Capturing Snow in Watercolor
2h online workshop
Paint a Snow-Kissed Landscape under the guidance of
Michal Jasiewicz
  • Learn how to effectively use light and shadow to create depth and realism in winter landscapes;
  • Gain insights into how to achieve a balance between realistic representation and capturing the mood of a scene;
  • Explore how to transform a simple watercolor painting into a vivid and emotional artwork.

* 5 pm (CET), 4 pm (UK Time), 3 pm (GMT), 9:30 pm (Indian Time)
  • Create your own collection of 2 paintings with the world-renowned artists

  • Get acquainted with the key watercolor techniques

  • Feel pleasure from the process and be proud of yourself for the results

  • Meet and interact with like-minded people from all over the world

  • Feel the fullness of life at the moment of creating your best painting
Your results during the watercolor week:
Meet your instructors
The best artists from all over the world will not leave you indifferent to watercolor!
  • Jessica L Bryant
    A watercolor realist, Jessica a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Northwest Watercolor Society, and Idaho Watercolor Society.
    Her work is represented by Coeur d’Alene Galleries.
  • Janine Gallizia

    Highly recognized international artist, juror, teacher, organizer of international art shows, art director of “The Art of Watercolour” magazine.

    Her art has been exhibited and celebrated in countries like Belgium, France, Australia, and Canada.


  • Michał Jasiewicz
    He is often invited to run painting workshops and live watercolour painting sessions both in Poland and abroad. Many of his works are located In European, Chinese and American collections
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