Skin Tone and Eye Details in Oils

With Rosso Emerald Crimson
At the workshop, you will learn:
Paint a realistic human eye with oil
Easily mix colors for the skin tone
Achieve resemblance and convey emotions in every facial feature
Meet your instructor
Rosso Emerald Crimson
  • Born and raised in Sicily, Rosso moved permanently to London in early 2000. She worked in advertising before changing her direction to the visual arts.
  • She has won several art prizes, starting with the 2016 “Emerald Winter Pride Award”, organized by Pride UK, where she won the First Prize with her self-portrait “Madame Moustache”. This was shortly followed by another first prize for the Holly Bush “Emerging Woman Painter Prize”, leading to Rosso’s first solo exhibition. Now she’s already participated in more than 50 exhibitions!
  • Rosso has been featured in Colossal, Create Mag, Evolved Mag, MyModernMet, Artists&Illustrator; The Artist’s Magazine, etc and her painting “Climate Rebel” (2019) was on the cover of Arena Magazine (Australia).
  • Her work was sold to renown art collectors worldwide and exhibited in prestigious art institutions including MEAM (Museum Modern Art) in Barcelona.
  • In her work, Rosso focuses on the psychological and emotional dimension of the characters portrayed. She aims to leave room for interpretation and believes that ambiguity lends intrigue, appealing to our innate attraction to mystery.

Examples of Rosso's work

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