Cityscapes in Watercolor with Mike Bajer

January, 16th
Create your own captivating urban landscape guided by the renowned artist
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Top 5 Tips for Watercolor Artists Painting Winter Landscapes.
At the workshop, you will:

Paint a realistic urban winter landscape step by step

Get acquainted with Mike Bajer's author's techniques for painting realistic cityscapes in watercolor
Learn to capture the unique textures and tones of urban environments, maintaining depth without getting lost in details
Understand common mistakes in painting cityscapes and receive practical tips and techniques for correcting errors and enhancing the quality of your artwork
Present for you:
Register now for the workshop and get a free guide: «Top 5 Tips for Watercolor Artists Painting Winter Landscapes».

The workshop will be useful for:

Beginners in Watercolor:

For those starting their journey in watercolor painting and wishing to quickly and easily learn to paint decent watercolors using effective techniques

Urban Painting Enthusiasts:

For lovers of urban scenery painting who want to improve their skills in portraying the appearance and character of cityscapes

Experienced Artists:

For professionals seeking new approaches and techniques in watercolor painting and wanting to expand their creative toolkit.

Meet your instructor
Mike Bajer
  • Mike Bajer is a respected watercolor artist, known for his realistic portrayal of cityscapes.

  • He was educated at the Paris Academy of Art and is a member of the German Watercolour Society.

  • Specializes in realistic watercolor techniques with a focus on tonal values and perspective.

  • Participant and award winner in numerous watercolor exhibitions globally.

  • Creator of multiple courses on watercolor painting, with students worldwide.

  • Mike firmly believes that anyone can learn to paint with dedication and love for the subject matter.

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