How to create a digital portrait in 1 hour?

by Ibrahem Swaid aka Noobovich

September, 7th
6:00 pm Central Europe
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Trends in digital illustration
During this workshop, we will:
Learn a 7-step approach to draw a digital
Create your own portrait under the guidance of a professional artist
Ask all questions you have about digital art

Meet your instructor
Ibrahem Swaid
@noobovich 94,4k followers
  • Dubai-based freelance Illustrator and concept artist.
  • Graduated from the College of Fine Arts at the University of Sharjah.
  • 10 years experience as an illustrator and concept artist.
  • Clients are renowned studios, such as: “Disney Star Wars”,“Boom Studio”, “Nacon Games”, “Tencent”, “IDW”, “AFK Arena”, “Dimension Games”, “Dire Wolf Studios”, “Studio369”, and many others.
  • Over 2 years of mentoring and running critiques sessions.
  • Ibrahem has the innate drive to develop stories, characters, and universes. His greatest motivation is watching other artists get inspired by the stuff he creates.
Examples of Ibrahem's works
This workshop is for those who:
  • Want to create digital portraits in just an hour
  • Need to know more about fundamental principles of portraiture (proportions, skin color, face features, etc).
  • Wish to apply their skills of making traditional portraits in digital art

  • Are looking for a highly-paid and demanded art direction

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