JULE 10-11 at 4pm CEST or 7pm NY time
Paint a rocky seashore with a lighthouse on the cliff and the famous Mont Saint Michel. Discover how to infuse your own ideas into your paintings to achieve the desired atmosphere under the guidance of Janine Gallizia
6 Key Principles to Instantly Improve Your Paintings
This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Develop your creativity by crafting your own scenes

  • Learn how to convey a unique atmosphere in your paintings

  • Add more depth and emotion to your work

  • Discover the secrets used by an artist to make her paintings captivating and engaging

  • Move from simple copying to creating your own original artworks
6 Key Principles:
These six fundamental principles will help you transition from merely copying a photograph or object to making something more creative, filled with your own ideas and expression. Creating your own paintings is a significant step.

It’s a step that many find challenging because, while people want to create their own artworks, it’s much easier to copy objects. So, how do you move from copying to crafting original paintings without sacrificing quality?

Art is not just about technique. It’s primarily about the person painting — their ideas, desires, and level of skill. It’s about how creative the person is and how well they can transform their ideas into something tangible: their choice of colors, composition decisions, and the types of artworks they want to create.

Want to learn how to achieve the best results here? Join the workshop, and Janine will share with you her many tips!
Here is a reference photo for Day 1 and an example of a painting we will create on Day 2:
Program of 2-Day workshop
10 July
10 July

Day 1. A Lighthouse Scene in Watercolor

✔ Learn how to improve your paintings immediately
✔ See how to incorporate your own ideas into your paintings, enhancing both creativity and atmosphere
✔ Learn to simplify your subjects to make them more impactful
✔ Learn how to know when to stop painting
11 July
11 July
Day 2. Mont Saint Michel in Watercolor
✔ Focus on the importance of effective brushstrokes
✔ See how to reach the needed level of confidence to pull off a good painting
✔ Learn to create design and work with abstract shapes
✔ Learn how to make your paintings convincing
Meet your instructor
Janine Gallizia
  • Highly recognized international artist, juror, teacher, organizer of international art shows, art director of “The Art of Watercolour” magazine.
  • Australian-born Janine Gallizia began her artistic journey at a young age, showcasing a natural affinity for creativity. Her early exposure to art paved the way for her illustrious career.
  • Her art has been exhibited and celebrated in countries like Belgium, France, Australia, and Canada. Janine is not only an artist but also a revered instructor, known for her insightful and engaging workshops that draw students globally.
  • She has won numerous awards, showcasing her talents and contributing to her international acclaim.
  • Janine is renowned for her atmospheric and lighting effects in watercolor, emphasizing subtlety and strength in her works. Her approach to watercolor is marked by a blend of technical skill and emotional depth, creating captivating and vibrant paintings.

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