Capturing Snow in Watercolor
Start tomorrow
Paint a Snow-Kissed Landscape under the guidance of Michal Jasiewicz
At the workshop, you will:
learn how to effectively use light and shadow to create depth and realism in winter landscapes
gain insights into how to achieve a balance between realistic representation and capturing the mood of a scene
explore how to transform a simple watercolor painting into a vivid and emotional artwork
“I constantly try to look for new ways and experiment. It must be fun! Painting brings me joy, which hates boredom and working within the framework of the skills I have learned.”
Michał Jasiewicz
Meet your instructor
Michał Jasiewicz
  • An architect by profession. Professionally active. A painter at the same time;
  • He is often invited to run painting workshops and live watercolour painting sessions both in Poland and abroad;
  • Many of his works are located In European, Chinese and American collections;

Examples of Michał's work

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