Elevate mood and emotions in your paintings through extraordinary light! 2 Lessons, 2 paintings with Javid Tabatabaei!
Stunning Cities & Landscapes in 30 Minutes!
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In these 2 lessons, Javid will prove that everyone can learn to paint with his step-by-step approach!

Create 2 paintings and learn effective techniques from a world-renowned artist!

Our Program for this event

Right after registration, you will receive a recorded video lesson. Then, you'll participate in a LIVE workshop where you'll create one more painting!

Light & Shadow in a cityscape

Right after registration, you can discover how to focus on simple details to capture the essence and atmosphere of urban environments.


Stunning Landscape

(live workshop)

Javid will guide you through the techniques needed to create an impressive landscape painting that captures the beauty and drama of nature's transitions.
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Many artists spend hours creating a decent painting, but with Javid, it's different!

Avoid excessive details, go loose, and create 2 emotional paintings in less than 30 minutes!
Right after registration, you can create a bright cityscape (30-min free video lesson)
Meet your instructor
Javid Tabatabaei
  • Javid Tabatabaei is an artist with more than 20 years of experience
  • He has participated in group and solo exhibitions all around the globe. His exhibitions have been held in a number of leading galleries and contemporary art foundations in China, Turkey, Italy, Pakistan, Japan, Serbia, Canada etc.
  • Javid Tabatabaei hosts both in-person and online workshops
  • He has been on the jury for the international watercolor society of Turkey for 2 consecutive years
  • Javid Tabatabaei is a Brand Ambassador of Rockwell Art Supplies Inc. He has received a great number of awards worldwide
  • Based in Vancouver
Javid’s top secret is managing light effects in a very simple way!

Look at his sunsets, mystical fogs, and trees... All those little details make his paintings so emotional!
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Another Javid's top secret is working with vibrant colors!

He will show how to mix them effectively!

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