Realistic raccoon

June, 4th
4pm CEST, Berlin / 2pm GMT / 10am EDT, New York
Paint a stunningly lifelike portrait of a raccoon using the wet-on-wet technique
This workshop is for you if you want to:

✔ Learn how to paint realistic animals

✔ Learn how to make your animals three-dimensional and expressive

Improve technique for painting fur, spouts and cute faces

✔ You're looking to boost your energy and spark inspiration
Here is what we will paint together!

This session promises not only a study in the subtle art of watercolor but also an opportunity to capture the whimsical charm and delicate details of nature's own masterpiece.

This workshop welcomes artists of all levels who has:

Lack of knowledge or experience in painting animals
The paintings that result don't always match the expectations in your mind
Desire to paint animals realistically, but don't know where to start
Meet your instructor
Irina Kukrusova
  • Animal painter who creates amazing artworks in pastels and in alla prima watercolor technique.
  • She is a connoisseur of breeds and an animal lover who is well versed in the nuances of grooming.
  • A participant and laureate of numerous exhibitions of watercolors and pastels in Italy, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Canada, the USA, Japan, and other countries.
  • Irina’s courses have been completed by 2000 students.
  • Irina firmly believes that everyone can learn to paint. The most important thing is perseverance and love for what you portray.

Examples of Irina's work

Our students say about Irina's lessons
Our students paint with Irina

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