Life hacks to hit a new level in digital art

by Dominik Zdenković

6:00 pm Central Europe
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Trends in digital illustration 2022
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Trends in digital Illustration

where you'll learn what's hot in the digital art world in 2022 – minimalism or details, color variety or monochrome.

During this workshop, we will:

Understand how a digital artist can get to the next level in illustration

Learn how to improve your composition and perspective skills

Explore the process of designing stunning environments with a real professional
Meet your instructor
Dominik Zdenković
@dominikzdenkovic 13,7k followers
Dominik Zdenković is a digital artist focusing on illustration and concept art with over 8 years of experience.

He has been mentoring beginner digital artists for over 2 years.

Dominik Zdenković worked on a variety of projects ranging from book and card illustrations to concept arts for video games (including "Diablo Immortal", "Starpoint Gemini 3", "Twilight Imperium" boardgame) and movies, mostly with focus on environments. 

He also participated in several NFT projects.
Examples of Dominik's works
For those who:
  • Find it difficult to paint landscapes and backgrounds
  • See that their pictures turn out to be boring
  • Don't know how to use the Photo Booth effectively
  • Want to speed up the painting process

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