Mastering social media to monetize your artwork
  • Make a lasting impression with Instagram
  • Discover which actions yield the best results in 2024 on social media and save your time
  • Learn 7 ways to monetize your artwork
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May 23rd
4pm CEST, Berlin / 10am EDT, New York
Who should attend this webinar

The webinar is for you, if you:

  • Constantly start and then give up social media because you don’t understand what to do to finally see results.
  • Don’t know what to start with, feel overwhelmed by the many opportunities available.
  • Put effort into managing your social media but see no new followers or sales, which leaves you demotivated.
  • Spend so much time brainstorming and creating content that you have no time left to make art.
  • The thought of editing videos and handling various technical settings saps your motivation to run social media.

What to expect from the webinar:

Discover why artists should use social media and how it can help you sell your artwork and services.
Learn what works on social media right now (in May 2024) and how these trends can help you attract loyal followers and turn them into clients.
Explore 7 ways to monetize your art and start making money.
Get feedback on your social media heading from Miroslava and see how to strengthen it.
“ Users spend about 2.5 hours a day on social media. Your clients are waiting for you!”
Miroslava Smith
I am Miroslava Smith
Founder of Artefacto
Artefacto at a glance:
  • Over 200,000 followers on social media (including organic growth of our YouTube channel from 7k to 103k subscribers in just 9 months)
  • Over 20,000 students
  • Over 200,000 attendants of our free workshops
  • More than 300 courses, workshops, and lessons
Those who have been with us from the beginning know that all of this was built from scratch!
And now, knowing how to do it, we grew our YouTube channel from 7k to 107k subscribers in 9 months without any investment.

How did we achieve this? Find out at the webinar!

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