From concept and design to your own 2 abstract artworks with watercolors and acrylics!

Learn to use your imagination and break free from any constraints!
Abstract Art Step By Step with Sterling Edwards

This 2-day event is for you if:

  • You wish to break free from the constraints of realistic painting;

  • Are keen to discover effective technical tips (composition, color, shapes, etc.);

  • Want your paintings to look unique and personalized;

  • Get secrets on how to find ideas for your abstracts from a world-renowned artist
Right after registration, you can create two amazing paintings
My paintings are the language that I use to convey to the world not just what I have seen or envisioned, but also how I feel about it.
Sterling Edwards

Program of our free 2-Day Workshop

Right after the registration, you will receive TWO Practical video lessons. Then you’ll be able to take part in TWO Live online events!

Practical lessons!
Paint 2 artworks in different mediums—watercolor and acrylic—and gain essential technical skills in composition, color, and form. Learn to develop abstract works from initial concept to finished masterpiece, all under the guidance of a world-renowned artist!
Day 1
Day 1

An invitation to Watercolor Abstract

Discuss the essentials of a target state in abstraction, explore the advantages of watercolor techniques, and gain inspiring insights from Sterling’s extensive experience. Additionally, observe the main stumble points and learn effective strategies for generating ideas for your abstract artwork.
Day 2
Day 2
Learning the benefits of Acrylics!
Explore the versatile magic of acrylics and how textures can enhance the expressiveness of acrylic paintings. Discover new approaches to using acrylics in art, plus get bonus tips on how to monetize your work!
Meet your instructor
Sterling Edwards
  • A contemporary acrylic and watercolor master, instructor, author, and art juror.
  • He has been featured in "Watercolor Magic Magazine's" “Ones to Watch”, "Watercolor Artist Magazine", and "The New Palette Magazine".
  • He has developed a unique and expressive style of painting that has gained international recognition and the respect of his peers, students, and art collectors.
  • Most of Sterling’s paintings are interpretive statements that personify his intuitive and creative sense of design and color, ranging from abstract expressionism to traditional.
  • He is a sought-after international workshop instructor and is often selected to jury national and international art competitions.
  • He is also the designer of a signature line of multimedia paintbrushes and a watercolor palette marketed internationally through his website store, painting workshops, and retail art supply stores.

Why this 2 Day Workshop is what you need:

Personalized Guidance

Get direct instruction from Sterling Edwards, a master of abstract art and successful art seller

Creative Liberation

Break away from conventional art norms and explore innovative approaches to watercolor and acrylics

Commercial Insights

Learn not just how to create, but also how to effectively market and sell your abstract art

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I do not see my art as much a career as I do an insatiable passion.
Sterling Edwards
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