A Quick Pastel Sketch of
Anemones in a Vase
July, 19th

With Richard Suckling
At the workshop, you will learn:
How to take a contemporary approach to flower painting blending drawing and painting methods in pastel medium
How to capture the essence of the motif in a modern impressionistic style

How bold mark making and use of colour can create a modern interpretation of a vase of Anemones

Meet your instructor
Richard Suckling
  • Richard knew he wanted to be an artist at the age of 5, as he watched a repeat of Pablo Picasso drawing on television.
  • Having studied illustration at Cambridge School of Art, Richard moved to London to work as an illustrator, before heading to the West of England to pursue a career as a landscape and seascape painter over 25 years ago; that was when his passion for soft pastels started.
  • Richard has written articles promoting the pastel medium for The Artist Magazine, The Leisure Painter, and the Plein Air magazine in the USA. He is passionate about sharing the medium of soft pastels, so he regularly teaches classes and workshops both individually and in groups.
  • Now Richard paints almost exclusively with soft pastels, enjoying the ability to work swiftly, which is a necessity on location. His style, although loose and in parts abstracted, remains at its core true to the motif but very much with his personal interpretation of the subject.

Examples of Richard's work

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