Painting the Vital Energy of Nature Using the Negative Technique

May, 28th
4pm CEST, Berlin / 10am EDT, New York
Paint stunning, lifelike branches with juicy lemons and learn a technique that gradually reveals the natural form with each new color layer, adding depth and dimension to your artwork.
This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Discover the immense potential of negative techniques
  • Master the intricacies and nuances of depicting nature
  • Add more depth to your work through volumetric forms
  • Learn how to enhance floral compositions or landscapes with precise techniques
  • Capture the full depth of natural scenes, creating rich and dimensional paintings
During the workshop, Nadia will share her secrets and guide you step-by-step to understand how the negative technique works.

Nadia has developed her own method for using negative techniques, enabling you to cultivate the necessary vision and make this technique a valuable tool in creating masterpieces.

Together with Nadia, you will paint a negative technique artwork step by step featuring a branch of lemons.

Why artists use negative techniques in watercolor

What to expect at the workshop:

Understanding negative techniques:

Learn the purpose and application of negative techniques, and discover how you can incorporate them into your own artwork.

Capturing nature’s complexity:

Explore how to use the negative technique to creatively paint the intricate details of nature while considering the volume of the shapes
Enhancing compositions:

Find out how to apply negative techniques in small quantities to enhance floral compositions or landscapes.

Meet your instructor
Nadia Tognazzo
  • Nadia Tognazzo was born in 1959 in Milan where she lives and works. She has had a passion for painting since she was a child, but it is with the technique of watercolor that she expresses her true inner self.

  • Nadia has been a member of A.I.A. (the Italian Association of Watercolour Artists) since 1994. In addition to painting activity, she teaches courses in watercolors in Milan and in the North of Italy and, during the summer, in Dalarna, Sweden.

  • She has taken part in many exhibitions in Italy and abroad (Barcelona, Brussels, Antwerp, Mexico City, Saint Petersburg, Bilbao, Salonicco, Paris-Salon d’Automne 2006-2007, Ronneby, Stockholm, Leipzig, Aiguillon Lot et Garonne, Agèn, Salamanca, etc).

  • She was a member of the jury in the biennial international competition “Marche d’Acqua”, Fabriano Watercolour, 2021.

  • Her painting is mostly figurative but with a decisive intimist tone. Her watercolors show strong emotion expressed through the use of bold instinctive strokes. The search for a balance between emotion, visual synthesis and line is a fundamental part of her artistic expression.

Examples of Nadia's work

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