Watercolor Freedom
March, 27th
Create an expressive watercolor painting in just 1 hour under the guidance of a top artist Carsten Wieland


During the workshop, you will:

  • Discover how to use reference photos to get unique artistic inspiration, moving beyond mere replication.

  • Learn how to create a personalized sketch, emphasizing your creative interpretation.

  • Master the art of bringing your sketches to life through vibrant watercolor washes, showcasing your individual style.
Design YOUR own landscape free in technique and style in less than an hour, getting inspiration from this reference:
I think the most important thing about happy painting is that you know some rules and forget about them when you are creating your artwork.
Carsten Wieland
This workshop welcomes artists of all skill levels who are eager to:
Learn how to transform reference photos into impressive watercolor landscapes.

Develop their artistic skills and try new watercolor painting techniques.

Break away from traditional methods and develop their unique style.

Meet your instructor
Carsten Wieland
  • Carsten Wieland, a renowned watercolor artist, is known for his expressive rendering of landscapes and urban scenes.
  • He is a graduate of GHS Essen in graphic design and a recognized member of the international watercolor community.
  • Specializing in the combination of traditional watercolour techniques with modern forms of expression, Carsten places particular emphasis on color dynamics and light effects.
  • Carsten is a multiple award-winning participant and juror at renowned art societies, including the German Watercolor Society.
  • He is an initiator of the #DoYouSpeakWatercolor? community and head of Germany at "Fabriano In Acquarello" committed to promoting art and artists worldwide.
  • Carsten believes that art is a universal language and actively promotes the creative development of his students through workshops and courses.

Examples of Carsten's work

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The workshop starts in just
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