Principles of Quick Watercolor Painting

February, 15th
In this workshop, you will complete a full landscape in 30 minutes, achieving satisfying results regardless of your experience level
At the workshop, you will:

  • Engage in preparatory exercises focusing on color blending, wet techniques, gradient creation, and brushwork

  • Explore basic watercolor techniques

  • Create a comprehensive landscape following the artist's proprietary method
Watercolour is my passion, I’m painting in pure watercolour technique in contemporary reading.
Anna Zadorozhnaya

The workshop is the perfect fit for:

Beginner Artists

Perfect for those starting out, offering the basics and confidence to dive into watercolor painting

Landscape Lovers

Ideal for enthusiasts eager to capture natural beauty quickly and effectively

Experienced Artists

Provides advanced artists techniques to streamline their painting process

Meet your instructor
Anna Zadorozhnaya
  • Anna Zadorozhnaya, the first ambassador for Schmincke & da Vinci.

  • Living in Hanover, Germany, her European surroundings enrich her art.

  • She modernizes watercolor techniques for contemporary appeal.

  • Her global workshops offer essential skills to artists worldwide.

  • Anna inspires through her popular Instagram, connecting with artists globally.

  • Illustrated covers for all series of Schmincke's super-granulating watercolor paints and a personal dot card in collaboration with a brand.

  • Released a signature brush set by da Vinci.

Examples of Anna's work

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