Figures and Landscapes in 2 Mediums

Make 2 awesome paintings with oil and watercolor under the guidance of world-famous artists

April 23rd and 26th

Figures and Landscapes in 2 Mediums is for you if:
✔ Learn why oil painting is so popular and create landscape with oil
✔ Meet 2 top artists from the USA and the UK, try new techniques and approaches
✔ Tackle the light in your oil paintings and see how lighting can transform an artwork
✔ Learn to capture figures with watercolor and adjust them in a landscape
Program of Figures and Landscapes in 2 Mediums
Right after the registration you’ll be able to take part in 2 live online events! We'll paint Figures and Landscapes in 2 Mediums!
4 pm CEST
4 pm CEST
Day 1: Mastering Landscape in Oil
Paint an oil landscape focusing on building a successful composition, mixing beautiful colors, and portraying light. Keep the process simple and interesting, achieving a lovely result even if you are just beginning with oils.
4 pm CEST
4 pm CEST
Day 2: Girl and the Sea: Landscape in Watercolor
Paint a romantic seascape with a girl in watercolor. Learn about proportions of the human figure, see how to capture movement of different parts of the body, and understand how to adjust a figure in a landscape.
If you want to create beautiful paintings, you don't need to spend years practicing on your own. Learn from experts in the field, and you will achieve great results much faster!
At the workshops, we will make two paintings
Why Figures and Landscapes in 2 Mediums is what you need?

You will receive precious skills of color mixing, light portrayal, figure painting, and others

You will learn to create living and breathing paintings in simple, yet elegant manner

You will master all the main techniques of oil and watercolor painting
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