JUNE 26-27 at 5pm CEST or 7pm NY time
Capture the vibrant beauty of a summer garden with pastels and learn to immortalize its fragile, fleeting charm on paper with Susan Kuznitsky

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The Magic of the Summer Garden in Pastel
This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Discover the secrets of working with pastels, mastering essential techniques and methods.

  • Learn to convey the delicate shades and textures of flowers and the art of layering.

  • Unveil the secrets of creating summer artworks en plein air.

  • Start painting with pastels, learning the nuances of the medium from a professional artist.

  • Create a vibrant, lively, and emotional painting of a summer garden filled with light.
Embrace the Magic of Summer
Summer is a fleeting chapter filled with bright moments and unforgettable experiences. It’s a season of vacations, relaxation, ocean waves, and exciting adventures. Gardens burst into vivid bloom, and the air is thick with the intoxicating scents of flowers. We all wish to hold onto these moments, and for a creative soul, what could be more fulfilling than capturing this natural beauty in art?

Summer days provide endless inspiration, allowing us to eternalize their magic on paper, creating picturesque masterpieces brimming with warmth and light. At this workshop, we’ll create a stunning summer garden scene with exquisite flowers, playing with light and shadow to bring the scene to life.
What to expect at the workshop:
Secrets of working en plein air: What to bring for outdoor painting, and how to organize your workspace.

Upon registration, you’ll receive the guide "How Artists Can Find Inspiration During Vacations or Summer Trips" to help you capture the highlights of your summer, turning them into bright, emotional masterpieces during the cozy autumn evenings.
Our program
26 June
26 June

Day 1. Summer Scenes in Pastels: First Steps

You will learn:

— How to approach a summer garden scene.
— How to create flow and rhythm in a composition.
— How to use chroma (intensity of color).

And paint garden flowers, a romantic gate, and a beautiful figure!
27 June
27 June
Day 2. Landscape in Pastels: Creating Harmony
You will learn:

— How to layer colors to create a glow that highlights the beauty of pastels.
— How to add a figure in a garden setting.
— How to use pastel ground for added texture

And make an awesome garden scene in pastels!
Here are reference photos for our wonderful pastels:
Meet your instructor
Susan Kuznitsky
  • Susan was born in Chicago, USA, and had a very traditional art education, working in charcoal, oils, and watercolors.

  • She graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago, worked as a freelance portraitist, then she opened her own studio in Chicago where she taught workshops and classes.

  • She fell in love with the Impressionists' pastels, studied this medium and started teaching adults and children its peculiarities.

  • She’s taken part in more than 50 local and international painting contests as artist and juror, winning numerous awards.

  • Susan is a signature member of 6 pastel societies, including International Association of Pastel Societies and Pastel Society of America

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Artworks of Susan Kuznitsky

Join us for this inspiring journey into the heart of summer, and let’s save precious summer memories in our art!
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«The Magic of the Summer Garden in Pastel»

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